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When Quality Counts ...  Count on Redline Industries, Inc.
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Facilities at Redline Industries, Inc.

Located at 8401 Mosley Road in Southeast Houston, the Redline Industries, Inc. manufacturing facility is comprised of approximately 32,000 square feet of improved indoor manufacturing space and 2,200 square feet of office space. There is an equivalent amount of outdoor storage or workspace either stabilized or concreted.

Building 1

         • Has 2 Bays
         • Bay 1  - Equipped with (2) 5 - Ton overhead cranes
         • Bay 2  - Equipped with (1) 5 - Ton and (1) 10 - Ton crane
         • All cranes run full length of the building.

Building 2 and Building 3

         • Each Equipped with 5 - Ton Overhead Crane
         • Cranes run full length of the building

Building 4 

         • 50 feet wide x 120 feet long
         • Equipped with 15 Ton Overhead Crane
         • Equipped with 25 Ton Overhead Crane
         • Has 26 foot under Hook Height
         • Cranes run full length of the building

When Quality Counts ... Count on Redline Industries, Inc.

south bay entrance main shop
misc structural steel

instrument air piping

subsea guide funnel

boiler modules

level wind on hose reel

hpu frame with stainless steel doors

control panel hose reel

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Redline Industries, Inc.
8401 Mosley Road
Houston,  Texas 77075
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