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When Quality Counts ...  Count on Redline Industries, Inc.
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60 Years of Experience in Steel Fabrication, Machining ...
Redline Industries, Inc. was incorporated in April of 1989 with the objective of offering the market a higher level of excellence in steel fabrication.  Its organizers, with a combined sixty years of experience in steel fabrication, machining, manufacturing, and design could see that many large manufacturers were scaling back their own company’s to reduce costs.  This they felt would create a need for a qualified steel fabricator who would be able to provide a fabricating environment with experienced and quality conscious personnel.

Steel Fabrication Team Committed to Quality and Efficency
To achieve their objectives Redline Industries, Inc. assembled a team of experienced and certified craftsmen, engineers, and designers with a commitment to quality and efficiency.

Petroleum, Petrochemical, Environmental, Manufacturing ...
Here are some example industries that use Redline Industries for their steel fabrication, engineering, custom reels and steel assembly needs:

         • Offshore Petroleum Industry
         • Onshore Petroleum Industry
         • Petrochemical Industry
         • Environmental Industries
         • Manufacturing Industries






When Quality Counts ... Count on Redline Industries, Inc.

completed umbilical hose reel
Hydraulic Drive Unit designed and fabricated by Redline Industries, Inc.

Stainless Steel Mixing ChamberStainless Steel Mixing Chamber
The American Welding Society


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